The Craft of Vision

Owner & creative of, The Craft of Vision, Ryan Sakamoto

Owner & creative of, The Craft of Vision, Ryan Sakamoto


I've always been drawn to the sea, there's something about her that always calls to me. The majority of my work is based around the ocean whether shooting seascapes, portraiture, or personal projects. Whenever I'm standing on the shoreline, I feel a sense of peace as I listen to the heartbeat of the ocean as each wave wash up onto the shore & washes back out, it calms my restless soul. I believe that a part of my soul is in every image in hopes that this separates my art from everyone else. For many people this may make them feel vulnerable, for myself, it gives me the strength to move forward & capture the beauty that presents itself to my vision.

I find beauty in the human form, in the lines & curves. Big, thin, short, tall, there’s always beauty to be discovered! In all of my work commissioned or collaboration, I strive to empower women and their sensuality, never to exploit!

Aloha, Ryan Sakamoto