What To Do When Your Client Wants EVERY Image From Your Shoot

You must be wondering why I'm only presenting you with only 6-12 images from the photo shoot after hearing click after click from my camera?! Let me explain, during the photo shoot I'm constantly adjusting the shutter speed, aperture & ISO to be able to compensate for the changing light or to create a specific mood. I may ask you to hold a pose & capture a "burst" of images, I do this because I see something in the composition & I want to make sure that I have multiple images just in case you blinked or I may have moved that may cause a slightly blurry image. I need to be sure that I captured that specific moment in time. 

I've also found out that, you as a model and myself as a photographer, we both need a warming up period to loosen up & get to know each other. This is all a working process of how I capture your images to create my art. 

I shoot in a digital RAW format, this allows me to recover highlight & shadow detail even if the surrounding ambient light wasn't "perfectly" set. Even thou after an hour or two of shooting, you can go home to relax, the second part of my job begins. All the images needs to be downloaded into my computer & 2 backup copies of all the digital picture files are made to ensure that your images will not be lost. Once the backups are done I need to review all the shots & delete the blurry, under/over exposed, pictures of the ground that I accidentally took or the compositions just wasn't working. I'm not a technical photographer, I shoot from my heart & pull inspiration from both of us as a collaboration.

When I'm down to my final set of images I take a great deal of time editing your images, treating each individual picture as a new project. I'll tone the colors, smooth out any imperfections and produce a piece of artwork that you and I will be proud to display. 

I do not release any unedited images with the final set because it was not intended as part of the final product. These images helped me work out the issues that arose to get you closer to the final set of images. If you ask, I will politely deny your request & refer you back to this page and the model release contract you signed.  

Inspired by, Psychology for Photographers Blog by Jenika